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Rwanda aerial view

Evan Hewitt

Director & Founder

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More about Evan

Simply put, Evan wants to see people thrive. For that, experience, study, and common sense point him to education as the key institution to securing the longevity of societal flourishing. Like the heartwood of a tree, it is the sturdy, core around which all other institutions grow and endure to their potential.


 With a career blending higher education, finance, and nonprofit service, Evan has been turning ideas into reality for over a decade.


As a student of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University he majored philosophy and anthropology.  He traveled throughout the Middle East to Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel with additional studies in Egyptian Arabic, Islam, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While in Egypt he served with the Sisters of Charity and taught Sudanese refugees English as a second language. After completing the latter studies, he was sent on behalf of Eastern University to Rwanda to develop a series of programs and partnerships.


After graduation, Evan secured a grant to independently build the first public library of Rwanda, located in Gahini, Rwanda, which the community of Gahini decided to name after him: The Hewitt Library.  From this project a series of further projects emerged: the Rwandan National Council of Librarians, an inter-loaning library system, essay contests, art competitions, after-school programs hosted in the library, and a series of other minor projects.

After the library project, with even more zeal for education, Evan returned as staff to the Templeton Honors College, and with its Dean developed the college into one of national repute among Christian, classical educators. Fundraising, program development, alumni relations, marketing strategies and design. You name it. He did it.


Eventually, his work at Templeton led to a position directing all undergraduate communications for the entirety of Eastern University. During all of this time his partnerships in Rwanda persisted.

With his proven acumen in programmatic and strategic development, Evan took a position in the for-profit sector at Compass Ion Advisors, where he took on additional studies in finance and investments and serves as a Financial Advisor and Operations Manager. He works there to date while also serving as Chairman of the Templeton Honors College's advisory council.

Thanks to the enterprising and steadfast work of Rwandan communities and leaders, Evan's projects continued to thrive beyond his original intent. With a few more years of collaboration Evan the next natural step wherein he could blend his experience in academia, nonprofits, and the for-profit sector: the Heartwood Foundation, an active think tank that pairs thought with action.


Think tanks: the next essential "wave" of nonprofit service for developing nations. This was a clear gap of service to nations like Rwanda. As more libraries emerged, as more schools were constructed, the clear need to reflect on the policies which guide educational institutions and the lives of the countless youth became apparent.

Somewhere amidst all of those years, Evan has also had the great fortune of marrying a school teacher, Madeleine Hewitt. They have two little children, bringing Evan and Madeleine to take up the cause of education in a way more personal than ever before.

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